Lofoten & Ofoten

Harstad - Harstad 
8-day Sailing cruise through the Norwegian fjords in search of whales and the wonder of the Northern Lights


exploring the magnificent coastline of the Lofoten

8 days
full board
starting from: € 1.780,-
embark: Harstad    16:00
disembark: Harstad    09:00
airport: Harstad

During this sailing voyage through the Norwegian fjords and islands. we will let the wind guide us towards our destination. Our main goal is to sail to the waters where we have the biggest change to spot a diversity of whales. If the weather conditions are better suited to explore the Lofoten, this will be our plan B. Either way you will enjoy the magnificent scenic landscape of Northern Norway with majestic mountain peaks, the bird and animal life, the picturesque villages and the fairytale Arctic light. Moreover, this is the best place on earth to see the Northern lights! 

Day 1: Harstad: gateway to the Lofoten

You will arrive at the international airport Evenes where you can take the flybus directly to the

port town of Harstad. This town is officially located in the sub-arctic region, as it is far above the

Arctic Circle. It provides a great starting point to explore the beautiful Lofoten islands. Our sailing ship Noorderlicht awaits you in the harbour of Harstad, where you can embark from 16:00. After a welcome from the crew and a delicious 3-course dinner, there is still time in the evening to explore the pleasant town centre. This evening, we might see the northern light for the first time.

Day 2: cruising the Tjellsundet towards the Lofoten

Early in the morning, we will set sail in southerly direction and cruise through the beautiful 50

km long sea strait Tjellsundet. We will pass the impressive Tjellsundbridge and enjoy the

beautiful fjord which is known for its rugged mountains and rich animal life. We may

spot a whale, a puffin or see the imposing sea eagle flying by. The sea eagle is the largest bird of

prey in Europe and can have a wingspan of up to 2.4 meters. It is present in this area all year

round. The town of LØdingen is located at the end of the Tjellsundet and we will find a place for

the night there. Once the sun has set, you can take beautiful walks in the mountains or along the

picturesque coast.

Day 3: Henningsvær: Venice of the Lofoten

If the sea is calm today, we will leave LØdingen in the morning and enter the archipelago

Lofoten. Many mark this area as one of the most beautiful destinations in the world for

its breath-taking nature with rugged mountain peaks, deep fjords, large seabird colonies and the

best northern light experience due to low light pollution. In the afternoon we will arrive in one

of the most picturesque fishing towns of the Lofoten: Henningsvær. This town, also dubbed

‘Venice of the Lofoten’, was the centre of the cod industry in the early 20th century and, until

some decades ago, could only be accessed by boat. Today this town of coloured houses offers a

collection of historic architecture, art galleries and photo exhibits. For centuries the particular

light and rapidly changing weather have drawn artists to these islands. Visiting the Galleri Lofotens Hus is an absolute must. Here you can see many works by Norwegian artists. Don't forget to bring your own camera when you stroll around the village and take beautiful pictures of life in the far North. 

Day 4: The world famous Trollfjord

Today we visit the world famous Trollfjord, a 3 km long fjord that is only accessible by

ship. The narrow entrance is surrounded by high mountains and steep cliffs and provide a

spectacular setting. Here you can silently enjoy the exceptional beauty of nature with emerald

green water, waterfalls on either side and wooden Norwegian summer houses on the

waterfront. While sailing, keep an eye out for sea eagles and other special bird

species that can soar high above the cliffs. We take plenty of time to enjoy the Trollfjord and

afterwards we sail back south to Svolvær. This town is the capital of Lofoten and

the current centre of the cod fishery around the Lofoten. The town is dominated by wooden

shelves where cod is dried to become stockfish. This is a traditional Norwegian way of

preserving, whereby the fish loses its moisture by the sun and the wind and can be stored for a

long time. In this town you will also find a very special museum on the 2nd World War

called ‘Lofoten Krigsminnemuseum’.

Day 5: Skrova, an old whaling town

In the morning we walk to the characteristic rocks known as ' Svolvær geita' (the goat

mountain). These rocks are named like this because they look like the horns of a goat from a

distance. This mountain offers a fantastic hiking trail although it’s a tough one. We hope to

complete a part of this trail. In the afternoon we make a short cruise to the island

of Skrova. Skrova is an old whaling town and is one of the few places in Norway that still has a

whaling station. Here you can see the fishing boats leaving the harbour regularly to hunt for minke whales. On the north side of the island is a beautiful bay with paradise like beaches. We will take a walk to see them. Hikers who feel the need can also choose to climb Mount Høgskrova from where you have a spectacular panoramic view over the other Lofoten islands and the Norwegian mainland. No matter which walk you make, there is a high chance of spotting sea eagles and other special bird species.

Day 6: Sailing to the prehistoric rock drawings in Leiknes

Today we hope to be able to hoist the sails and go east. On this wide waters the wind is often from the Southwest, making this stage very suitable for sailing. We sail towards Tysfjord where we have multiple options to go ashore.

A good option is the port of Korsnes, from where we can take a beautiful walk to the prehistoric rock drawings in Leiknes. This 9,000 year old granite rock engravings originate from the Stone Age and picture the world's oldest known drawing of a killer whale and various hunting scenes. The walk takes us straight through the wilderness along streams, pine trees and frozen puddles. During this walk, it may be necessary to put on the snowshoes (a type of plastic bottom straps with iron spikes that increase your grip on snow and icy surfaces). If we are lucky, we encounter moose or reindeer. Due to the remoteness of this town we have a high chance to see the Northern Lights in the evening because there is only a little light pollution. With a little luck we can enjoy the colours and the dance of the northern lights in the sky above us from the deck.

Day 7: Captains dinner

Weather permitting, we will spend this day sailing back to Harstad via the Tjellsundet. As we

sail through this beautiful strait, you can soak up all the impressions of the week. Upon arrival in

the arctic town, enjoy some free time to shop for the final souvenirs or simply stroll through the

lively streets. Around dinner time you are expected back on board where the crew has a last

surprise in store for you. The rest of the evening you can enjoy your last night with the crew and

your fellow travellers.

Day 8: Goodbye Noorderlicht!

Unfortunately, our adventure through the Arctic landscape of Northern Norway has come to an

end. After a hearty breakfast, you are kindly requested to disembark by 09:00. We hope that we were able to show you the variety of beautiful Northern Norway and that you enjoyed an unforgettable experience on board the Noorderlicht. In the centre of Harstad you can take the flybus directly to the international airport Evenes.

The "Noorderlicht" offers cozy, authentic nautical accommodation for 20 travelers, with small but comfortable double cabins. All cabins have 2 beds above each other, a built-in wardrobe and a sink with hot and cold water. There are shared showers (4) and toilets (5). The cabins have frosted glass in the ceiling, allowing daylight to enter the cabins.


- All meals aboard throughout the voyage, consisting of a continental breakfast, lunch & dinner.

-Snacks, coffee & tea.

- Bed linen & towels.

- Crew, consisting of a captain, 1st mate, 2nd mate & a ships cook


- Flight tickets (see of

- Drinks aboard

- Meals and excursions ashore

- Cancellation and personal (travel) insurance

- Tip at the end of the trip for the staff on board

- Transfers airport - vessel

Practical Information

- days: 8

- service: full board

- price 2022: starting from € 1.780,-
- price 2023: starting from € 1.960,-

- embark: Harstad    16:00

- disembark: Harstad    09:00

- airport: Harstad

PRICING - 2022



shared cabine in a 2 person cabin




a bed in your own private cabin


DATES - 2022

4 different dates to choose from

NOO 11  -  North Norway  - Lofoten -  Sat, 12 Mar  =>  Sat, 19 Mar 2022 
FULLY BOOKED  8 days  -  Harstad => Harstad  -  starting at € 1.780,- p.p.

NOO 12  -  North Norway  - Lofoten  Sat, 19 Mar  =>  Sat, 26 Mar 2022 
FULLY BOOKED  8 days  -  Harstad => Harstad  - starting at € € 1.780,- p.p.

NOO 13  -  North Norway  - Lofoten -  Sat, 26 Mar  =>  Sat, 02 Apr 2022 
FULLY BOOKED  8 days  -  Harstad => Harstad  -  starting at € € 1.780,- p.p.

NOO 14  -  North Norway  - Lofoten -  Sat, 02 Apr  =>  Sat, 09 Apr 2022 
FULLY BOOKED  8 days  -  Harstad => Harstad  -  starting at € € 1.780,- p.p.

When requesting a booking, please add trip number (p.e.x. NOO 09) and cabin type.

PRICING - 2023



shared cabine in a 2 person cabin




a bed in your own private cabin


DATES - 2023

6 different dates to choose from

NOO 10 - North Norway - Lofoten & Ofoten - Sat, 04 Mar   =>  Sat, 11 Mar 2023 
 FULLY BOOKED  8 days  -  Harstad => Harstad  -  starting at € 1.960,- p.p.

NOO 11  -  North Norway  -  Lofoten & Ofoten  -  Sat, 11 Mar  =>  Sat, 18 Mar 2023 
 FULLY BOOKED  8 days  -  Harstad => Harstad  -  starting at € 1.960,- p.p.

NOO 12  -  North Norway  -  Lofoten & Ofoten  -  Sat, 18 Mar  =>  Sat, 25 Mar 2023 
 FULLY BOOKED  8 days  -  Harstad => Harstad  -  starting at € 1.960,- p.p.

NOO 13  -  North Norway  -  Lofoten & Ofoten  -  Sat, 25 Mar  =>  Sat, 021Apr 2023 
 FULLY BOOKED  8 days  -  Harstad => Harstad  -  starting at € 1.960,- p.p.

NOO 14  -  North Norway  -  Lofoten & Ofoten  -  Sat, 01 Apr  =>  Sat, 08 Apr 2023 
 FULLY BOOKED  8 days  -  Harstad => Harstad  -  starting at € 1.960,- p.p.

NOO 15  -  North Norway  -  Lofoten & Ofoten   -  Sat, 08 Apr  =>  Sat, 15 Apr 2023 
 FULLY BOOKED  8 days  -  Harstad => Harstad  -  starting at € 1.960,- p.p.

When requesting a booking, please add trip number (p.e.x. NOO 09) and cabin type.

PLEASE NOTE: This travel program is intended as an indication only. The program may vary depending on  weather conditions, the amount of daylight and the desire to provide as many opportunities as possible to see wildlife. The plan for this trip is to explore the archipelago Lofoten and hoist the sails as much as possible, trying to make best use of the wind. In case the weather conditions are more suited to visit the northerly located island of Senja then this will be the alternative plan for this trip. The captain determines the final route in consultation with the expedition leader. Itineraries can specify places that require landing authorization, which must be granted by the relevant national authorities. No such permission is granted prior to the publication of these routes. Flexibility is crucial for a traditional sailing vessel cruise in the Arctic, as is the willingness to compromise on comfort. The ship is equipped with sails that can be used provided the conditions are suitable however this cannot be guaranteed. The captain ultimately decides whether to usethe sails or the engine. The average cruising speed of SV Noorderlicht is 6 knots.