Whales & Wonders

Harstad - Tromsø 
8-day Sailing cruise through the Norwegian fjords in search of whales and the wonder of the Northern Lights


exploring the magnificent coastline of the island Senja

8 days
full board
starting from: € 1.630,-
embark: Harstad    16:00
disembark: Tromsø    09:00
airport: Harstad, Tromsø

The Northern Lights, fjord & whale expedition
If you are looking for an unforgettable experience of nature then the north of Norway is the right place for you. The island of Senja is loved for its distinctive dramatic mountain peaks, picturesque towns and pristine beaches that can best be seen in all their glory from a ship on the water. This trip will start in the bustling port town of Harstad and will lead us through the beautiful Norwegian fjords to the whales at Andenes and the unspoilt towns of Senja. Because this area is just below the Northern Lights oval, it is the best place in the world to witness this wonder. This spectacular natural light show can only be seen in full when the sky is clear and dark, and with minimal light pollution from civilization. Because the transition from 24 hours of dusk to daylight has started we also experience beautiful violet and other pastel shades in the sky in the mornings and evening. Wherever this trip takes us, you will enjoy the beautiful Arctic landscape, the animals & birds, the picturesque towns and the fairylike Arctic light. 

Day 1: Harstad: gateway to whale watching at Andenes

You will arrive at the international airport Evenes where you can take the flybus directly to the

port town Harstad. This town is officially located in the sub-arctic region, as it is far above the Arctic Circle. It provides a fantastic starting point to discover the beautiful island Senja and to spot whales that can be found all year round near Andenes. Our sailing ship Noorderlicht awaits you in the harbour of Harstad, where you can embark from 16:00. After a welcome from the crew and a delicious 3-course dinner, there is still time in the evening to explore the pleasant centre of the town.

Day 2: The Northern Lights and sailing towards Skrolsvik

After breakfast we will leave Harstad and set sail towards Skrolsvik, located at the

southernmost tip of the island of Senja. Skrolsvik was once thriving on the abundant halibut in

the surrounding seas. Nowadays you can find the German World War 2 gun battery which now

forms part of a museum, visit the 'kweitmuseet ' (the halibut museum) or take a look at the

'Gammelbutikken ' (the old shop). Because there is little light pollution in this area, it is a perfect

location to view the Northern Lights in the evening.

Day 3: Looking for whales around Andenes, the 'whale capital' of Norway

If the sea is calm today we will leave Skrolsvik in the morning and head for the 'Bleik canyon'. It

is located on the edge of the continental shelf, which, due to the exceptional deep-sea area,

offers the opportunity to see a variety of whales in their natural habitat. In the afternoon we will

moor in the harbour of the fishing town of Andenes. The landscape of this town is dominated by

the Andenes lighthouse, a 40 meter high lighthouse dating back to 1859 and it is still in use

today. Interestingly, the Norwegians are currently building a spectacular new whale museum:-

in the shape of a whale! This museum will open its doors in 2022.

Day 4-6: Exploring the spectacular landscape of Senja

We will sail along the coast of Senja for the next few days. The island is also called 'miniature

Norway’ or 'fairytale island' by the Norwegians themselves. The area is loved for its rugged

mountain peaks that plunge straight into the sea, rich wildlife and low light pollution which

makes for the best Northern Lights experience. While sailing, keep an eye out for sea eagles and

other special bird species that occur here all year round! In the afternoon we may moor

at Husøy (the house island), a uniquely situated island that is connected to the surrounding land

by a 300 meter long pier. Everything is close by on this small island: the local supermarket, the

fishing industry, the school, the cafe. The next day it could well be that we continue our journey along the coast of Senja to the

popular holiday resort Hamn i Senja. Once the sun has set, we can enjoy beautiful walks alongthe scenic coast. During this walk, it may be necessary to put on snowshoes (a type of  plastic bottom straps with iron spikes that increase your grip on snow and icy surfaces). If we 

are lucky, we may encounter moose or reindeer. Due to the remoteness of this town we have a

high chance to see the Northern Lights in the evening. With a little luck we can enjoy the colours

and the dance of the northern lights in the sky above us from the deck.

Day 6: Undiscovered gem of Norway: Sommarøy

If the weather reports are favourable to us, we will sail to the island Sommarøy, which is

connected to the mainland by a bridge. With its pearly white beaches, azure blue sea surrounded by high mountains, Sommarøy is a popular tourist attraction in Northern Norway where we hope to moor in the afternoon. Here we can take a beautiful walk up to the 211 metre high summit of Hillesøya, from where you have a panoramic view on the island and the

rugged Norwegian coastline.

Day 7: Sailing back to Tromsø, a.k.a. Paris of the North

Weather permitting, we will then spend the rest of the day sailing back to Tromsø. Upon arrival in the Arctic town, enjoy some free time to buy the final souvenirs or simply take a walk to soak up all the impressions of the week. If you have the opportunity, it is an absolute must to visit the Arctic Cathedral or ride the iconic Fjellheisen cable car to the mountain Floya. Here you have a

fantastic panoramic view of the Arctic town and the surrounding area that are guaranteed to produce beautiful photos. You are expected back on board around dinner time, where the crew has a last surprise in store for you. The rest of the evening you can enjoy your last night with the crew and your fellow travellers.

Day 8: Goodbye Noorderlicht!

Unfortunately, our journey through the Arctic landscape of Northern Norway has come to an

end. After a hearty breakfast, you are kindly requested to disembark by 09:00. We hope you enjoyed an adventurous holiday on board the Noorderlicht. In Tromsø you can take the flybus directly to the international airport.

The "Noorderlicht" offers cozy, authentic nautical accommodation for 20 travelers, with small but comfortable double cabins. All cabins have 2 beds above each other, a built-in wardrobe and a sink with hot and cold water. There are shared showers (4) and toilets (5). The cabins have frosted glass in the ceiling, allowing daylight to enter the cabins.


3 types of cabin to choose from



shared cabine in a 2 person cabin


cabin PLUS


shared cabine in a large 2 person cabin




a bed in your own private cabin


When requesting a booking, please add trip number (p.e.x. NOO 09) and cabin type.


- All meals aboard throughout the voyage, consisting of a continental breakfast, lunch & dinner.

-Snacks, coffee & tea.

- Bed linen & towels.

- Crew, consisting of a captain, 1st mate, 2nd mate & a ships cook


- Flight tickets (see of

- Drinks aboard

- Meals and excursions ashore

- Cancellation and personal (travel) insurance

- Tip at the end of the trip for the staff on board

- Transfers airport - vessel

Practical Information

- days: 8

- service: full board

- price: starting from € 1.630,-

- embark: Harstad    16:00

- disembark: Tromsø    09:00

- airport: Harstad, Tromsø


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NOO 15  -  North Norway  - Whales and Wonders -  Sat, 09 Apr  =>  Sat, 16 Apr 2022 
FULLY BOOKED  8 days  -  Harstad => Tromsø  -  starting at € 1.630,- p.p.

PLEASE NOTE: This travel program is intended as an indication only. The program may vary depending on  weather conditions, the amount of daylight and the desire to provide as many opportunities as possible to  see wildlife. The plan for this trip is to explore the Arctic under sail as much as we can, making the best use of the wind. Depending on the weather conditions the captain may decide to explore either the west coast or the east coast of the island Senja. Itineraries can specify places that require landing authorization, which must be granted by the relevant national authorities. No such permission is granted prior to the publication of these routes. The captain ultimately decides whether to use the sails or the engine. Flexibility is crucial for a traditional sailing vessel cruise in the Arctic, as is the willingness to compromise on comfort.