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The "Noorderlicht" offers cozy, authentic nautical accommodation for 20 travelers, with small but comfortable double cabins. All cabins have 2 beds above each other, a built-in wardrobe and a sink with hot and cold water. There are shared showers (4) and toilets (5). Instead of portholes, the cabins have frosted glass in the ceiling, allowing daylight to enter the cabins.

the Northern Lights

From November until March you will have the perfect opportunity to see the wonder of the Northern lights. Due to the collision of solar particles with atmospheric gases, a most spectacular lightshow of different colors appear.

Tromsø is situated in the Arctic circle, in the area where the Northern lights is best seen: the so-called ‘Aurora zone’. This is a zone that runs across the Northern part of Scandinavia, including the area in which the voyages aboard the ‘Noorderlicht’ will take place.

Northern-Norway – ‘The Arctic Norway’

Starting from November until March, we are offering 8-days voyages from Tromsø.

Tromsø, also known by its nickname ‘the Paris of the North’ is one of the top places for viewing the Northern lights and at the same time a perfect starting point for spotting whales in the Arctic waters. Under the guidance of the experienced crew and expedition leader we will navigate to the waters where it’s most likely to find whales. During this voyage you can admire the magnificent landscapes, the wildlife, the picturesque villages and the beautiful Arctic light.

Whale Safari

Each winter the fjords of the Northern part of Norway are filled with different kinds of whales that feed themselves with herring and other fish.

On the winter voyages aboard the ‘Noorderlicht’ we will go out to look for these whales in the waters around Tromsø. Due to the small size of the ship and the curiosity of the whales, we often can admire these impressive animals from up close. An unforgettable impression!


Situated in the middle of the Arctic Ocean, between mainland Norway and the North Pole, is the archipelago of Svalbard. The land of endless summer nights and cold winters, of impressive glaciers and beautiful Arctic light. But also the land that is home to many wild animals such as the polar bear, the Arctic fox, the reindeer, the walrus & rare bird species.

The best way to explore the beauties of this unique island group is by ship. Sailing ship ‘Noorderlicht’ offers voyages from April until October, where you have the opportunity to discover Svalbard on a small scale and visit the most remote areas.

Nature & Wildlife

The nature of Svalbard is indescribable beautiful and unique. It is nature in its purest form. Untouched by human influences with a vast landscape of pointed peaks, glaciers that stretches miles long and massive icecaps, you will imagine yourself as visitor an explorer.
Besides the beautiful Arctic landscape, the great diversity of animal life is a good reason to pay a visit to Svalbard. On the tundra we find the reindeer and Arctic foxes, in the sea many types of whales, seals and walruses, around the pack ice the polarbears and in the air there are many Arctic bird species, such as the ivory gull, the little auk & the puffin.

This wildlife is mostly seen in the sea and the coastal areas, which creates good opportunities during a voyage aboard the Noorderlicht to view this Arctic wildlife

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